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Visions and Values

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To achieve our mission and fulfil our vision, we make the following pledges to our community:


-All staff and children will feel valued and respected: their successes will be celebrated and they will feel proud

-children will be listened to by adults and treated with kindness and sympathy

-children’s learning will match their needs and they will all have opportunities that they may not have at home

-all children will have equal opportunities to succeed

-children will represent the school at some stage during their time at Brixington

-children will enjoy a broad curriculum with a range of opportunities, including trips and learning through play

-children will understand how to stay safe and who to talk when they need things

-children will read fluently and will learn to love books

-all children will learn outdoors, contributing to the school’s environment

-children will learn life skills such as cooking, growing food, swimming and looking after finances

-everyone will play a range of sports and exercise regularly

-children will enjoy creating and listening to music and will develop empathy through role play and drama

-everyone will have opportunities to attend community events

-all children will grapple with problems that are challenging to solve

-everyone will develop awareness of mental health and social and emotional needs

-children will have the opportunity to share their learning with parents and carers



First Federation Values Statement