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Year 3

27.6.22 Art - Exploring collage by ripping and cutting.

29.4.21 Ongoing investigations. Today we received some crime scene photos along with a repot form a previous crime.

26.4.22 Something strange has happened in the year 3 shared area... We will be investigating the scene and writing some reports to make sure everyone is informed about the incident!

English - Sharing our fables with year 1 and 2 8.4.22

English 21.1.22 Preforming our instructions. We used our amazing dinosaurs to test out our instructions. Now they are all shiny and clean!

Rock Types 21.1.22 - Today we made our own rocks in Science. We started with igneous, then formed sedimentary and finally metamorphic!

Maths 12.1.21 and 13.1.21 Investigating angles and shapes. What is an angle?

Maths 6.1.22 Exploring weights 10.1.22 Making estimations

Design and Technology 6.1.22 Sewing skills. The children have enjoyed practicing their running stitch as well as getting to grips with threading a needle.

This Limerick was written at home, inspired by our English sessions this week:


There once was a man called Sneeze.

Every time it shook him to his knees.

He went down the stairs,

To find some crispy pears,

But all he had left was cheese! 


By Elijah Y3

Children in Need Joe Wicks work out quiz. 19.11.21

Design and Technology 15.11.21 Testing materials and nets. We explored joining methods, tab size and net shape.

Science 12.11.21 Investigating friction.

Maths 10.11.21 - 11.11.21 Estimating and measuring in mm, cm and m.

English 10.11.21 We were on the hunt for repeated nouns and learning how to use pronouns effectively.

Reading 5.11.21 Sharing stories.

Science 5.11.21 Exploring forces. Push, pull, bounce, twist, yank, pinch...

Design and Technology. 2.11.21 Exploring nets.

English 1.11.21 We're going on an adventure! Look at all the things we found in out shared area! Who do they belong to?

Art 18.10 Exploring typography.

PSHE 18.10 - 19.10 We worked together as a team to build the fastest carrot car! Together, we discussed what good team work looks like.

Maths 7.10.21 Number bonds that make 100. Our challenge was to prove whether the equation was equal to 100 or more than 100.

Art 4.10 and 5.10 Exploring marks inspired by sound.

English 1.10.21 We had lots of fun learning about prepositions. We challenged each other to find an object guided by lots of wonderful prepositions.

PSHE - School Council - In year 3 we used a voting system to elect our new school council members. Congratulations to all who took part, your speeches were fantastic!

Science 17.9.21. We explored the five food groups then linked this to food containing different nutrients.

Maths WC13.9.21. Times Tables Rock Stars and exploring addition. We enjoyed exploring TTRS and challenging each other in the arena.

Maths How many ways can you make ten? 9.9.21 and 10.9.21

Exploring the OS map and identifying symbols (23.6.21)

Looking at Fractions (Maths w/c 21.6.21)

Race for life Monday 24th May

Art club 21.5.21 Making beads and creating 3D drawings

Scientific discoveries. Exploring water transportation in flowers. WC 10th May.

DT - Friday 14th May. It's time to get sewing! Year 3 have been practising their back stitch ready to design and make their own pencil cases.

Art Club (After school club 14.5.21) Time to get painting...

Art Club (After school club 7.5.21) Creating outdoor art with natural objects.

Maths - Both year 3 classes enjoyed running around to solve a range of column addition problems. We used the answers to complete a number loop. (7.5.21)

DT - Textiles - Today we have been learning how to backstitch! (6.5.21)