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Year 4

20.3.23 - Design Technology - Using seasonal vegetables to make a super tasty soup!

15.3.23 - Outdoor Adventurous Activity - Challenge: build a shelter to keep your egg safe!

1.3.23 - Outdoor Adventurous Activity - This week's challenge was to make the tallest structure using natural materials from the school grounds.

23.2.23 Geography- Learning Human and Physical Features and using GIS systems to explore

4K OAA Education 21.2.23

Art - Learning to colour mix using the wet brush technique - 17.1.23

British Values - DEMOCRACY - Following our recent assembly all about democracy, 4WS have been voting for our next class reader. And the winner is 'The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates'.

PE - gymnastics - exploring ways to SWING and HANG 16.1.23

PE - Gymnastics - 9.1.23

Science - Exploring electrical switches (1.12.22)

Art - Nov 22 - Sculpting characters from clay (Ancient Egyptian inspired canopic jars!)

Gymnastics - Nov 22 - Exploring changes of level, speed and direction

November 2022 Art- Sculpting

29.9.22 Ancient Egyptian Beliefs - Categorising Gods

4K - Exe Estuary (26.5.22) How many different types of shells can we find on the estuary? How do creatures protect themselves from predators? Can we work as a team to find lugworms, shrimps and fish?

4WS - Exe Estuary 12.5.22

Art 10.5.22 - How well can we control our pencils? We have drawn using our dominant and non-dominant hands, our feet and even blindfolded!

15.3.22 Loving the OAA this term - Today campfire lighting and toasted marshmallows

11.3.22 - PE - Outdoor Adventurous Activity - Showing our teamwork skills whilst building shelters using materials in our school grounds

World Book Day 3.3.22 Can you identify all our characters and books?

PE - Outdoor Adventurous Activity - 2.3.22 Exploring our school grounds, scouting for good places, and materials, to build shelters.

English - Inspired by our Tom Palmer author visit, today we are scrap booking our story ideas in year 4. 28.2.22

Science 3.2.22 - exploring sound and vibrations

Science: Designing and making electrical switches (January 2022)

19.1.22 - Artists at work! Learning the Wet Brush Technique today

18.1.22 Hockey Champions!

Maths 17.1.22 Exploring square numbers

Maths - 13.1.22 - Grappling with odds and evens

Art Dec 2021 Clay Sculpting

Geography Dec 2021 - Virtual Safari To European Landmarks

Nov 2021 Multiplication x 3

Geography Nov 21 - Developing Core European Knowledge

Geography Oct 2021 - Exciting to use the new globes!

19.10.21 - Music - Accompanying our singing of 'Mamma Mia' with the glockenspiels!

October 2021 Sharing our Persuasive Writing in the Author’s Seat

October 2021 History: Learning About Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

October 2021 - Magnificent Machines - English Inspired by Pie Corbett

Year 4 PE in Summer Heat!!

Geography 18.6.21 - Exploring Land Use In Exmouth - Satellite Mapping and Paper Maps

Geography Club 16.6.21 GeoBees Busy with Map Reading and Orienteering

Geography 8.6.21- GeoBees Session 1 Learning To Use a Compass

ART (8.6.21) - How many different shades can we create using 4B, 2B, 2H and 4H drawing pencils?

Design Technology 27.5.21 - Designing and Making Board Games with Switches and Circuits

Race for Life - 24.5.21 - Lots of money raised, lots of fun and just a little bit of mud!