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Year 5 2016/17 – 5K, 5A

July 2017 - Inspired by their trip to the beach, Year 5 have been creating their own colourful, eye catching beach huts. Come and see them when they are finished, at the Art Gallery!

June 2017. Year 5's awesome beach day! After meeting down at Exmouth beach, Year 5 worked energetically in teams to create sand sculptures connected to the topic theme of Ancient Greece. They based their creations on Greek mosaics they had seen and produced lifelike turtles, dolphins, octopus and many more! Following a brisk walk down to the Exmouth Marina, they then embarked on a fascinating river cruise aboard a boat named 'The Tudor Rose' . This gave them the opportunity to spot local wildlife and pick out local landmarks. Arriving back on dry land, they all enjoyed a well earned ice cream before making their way slowly, but happily, back to school!

June 2017 - We love the Summer term! 5K keeping cool in the shade as the sun shines!

June 2017- Making Greek mosaics. Year 5 researched, then drew their own designs for Greek mosaics. They were careful to observe the patterns, colours and traditional designs and were keen to make their mosaics as authentic as possible!

June 2017 - 5K become actors... 'Horrible Histories' style. Having written their own playscripts, 5K transported themselves back in time to act out a scene based in Ancient Greece. Imagine scenes of Greek Meze, Olympic competitions, battles between Greeks and Persians and the Trojan horse and you have just a small glimpse into the contents of some of their scripts! Well done 5K you were truly captivating!

May 2017 - Tasting Greek food at a meze. Year 5 tried lots of different types of traditional Greek food, including the tzatsiki and houmous they had made the day before. The pitta bread was particularly popular, but everyone was happy to try all the different delicious dishes on offer!

'Taste of the Mediterranean'. Greek cuisine comes to Year 5! Year 5 were preparing for their authentic Greek meze. Cutting, chopping and measuring out ingredients to create delicious dips such as tzatsiki and homous and learning about Greek produce!

May 2017 - Year 5 investigate the forces involved in launching a rocket, by making their own rockets in a science lesson. They also timed how long it took each rocket to take off in the playground and were amazed by how high they travelled up into the air!

May 2017 - Year 5 have been reading myths and legends this term In English. They studied Pandora's Box and got busy with their own ideas for an extended writing adventure story based on this Greek myth. They were all thoroughly involved in this writing project and wrote some very imaginative and creative versions of their own. Well done Year 5!

25th April 2017. 5K and 5N had the opportunity to demonstrate their teamwork skills, when taking part in a tag rugby session in the mini arena.They dodged, weaved and passed the ball very effectively! Can you spot the rugby stars of the future?

April 2017 - Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 5, where this week, we launched our exciting new topic... Ancient Greece. We are looking forward to finding out all about the Ancient Greeks and have begun by researching and creating our own information posters, using the ipads.

March 2017 - 5K embrace the spirit of Red Nose Day/Comic relief by letting each other know why they are so special. Everyone was very positive and there were lots of smiles and encouraging words!

March 2017. Year 5 go bowling at Ocean. Meet team Brixington...they were great representatives for Year 5 and very competitive!

March 2017 - Performance Poetry. Year 5 bring poetry alive with rhymes, raps and rhythm!

March 2017 - Year 5 Trip to Paignton Zoo. Year 5 were captivated by Rainforest workshops and by the amazing range of animals they could see close up!

March 2017 - Maths is Fun! We like problem solving in Year 5...especially puzzles such as Tangrams. Maths games are fun too!

February 2017 - Making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday!

February 2017 - Year 5 celebrate Pancake Day on the 28th February with pancake races in the playground. It was great fun!

February 2017 - Year 5 looked carefully at a range of Buddhist symbols and discussed their importance to followers of the Buddhist religion.

February 2017 - 5K and 5N have designed and produced eyecatching persuasive posters. Will you help to save the rainforest too?

January 2017 - 5K and 5N were leaf detectives when they investigated the statement 'The longer the leaf, the larger the surface area'. What do you think they found out?

December 2016 - 5K are scientists! Their challenge... help Fantastic Mr Fox make the water clean enough for the baby foxes to drink. They measured, poured then filtered the water, demonstrating their accuracy and scientific skills!

November 2016 - 5K and 5N visit Buckland Abbey - Home of Sir Francis Drake!

Year 5 have been very fortunate to take part in the +Sport Move and Learn Project. This initiative aims to foster an enjoyment of movement and physical activity among children through building an understanding of the importance of exercise and balanced diets for a positive lifestyle. The year 5's accessed a range of sporting activities through football, handball and dodgeball sessions. They very much enjoyed the theory based learning as well as getting active on the school field! They even got to meet Grecian the Lion in their final session after receiving their certificates!

Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 have been reading myths and legends this term In English. They studied Pandora's Box and got creative with their own ideas for an adventure story based on this myth. The writing that has come out of this project has been phenomenal and the children should  all be very proud of their work!

Thank you to all of the parents who came to see our Rainforest Gallery. It was lovely to see you all and the children were so proud of their work.

Children in Year 5 have been excitedly learning about Buddhism this week. We carefully looked at traditional Buddhist objects and artefacts like the prayer flags from the Himalayas, prayer beads, the mandala and listened to meditation music from Tibet.
All Year 5 students have been really lucky to have a specialised cricket coach training them on Wednesday afternoons. The sessions have been really enjoyable and honed in on many key skills, particularly batting techniques and fielding strategies.

Year 5 designing and painting Ancient Greek Shields

To kick off summer term Year 5 launched their new topic 'Ancient Greece'. In P.E. the children enjoyed getting out in the good weather and taking part in their own mini Olympic games!

Year 5 have been getting creative designing and making Brazilian carnival masks. All pupils enjoyed making these showing excellent artistic skills and aesthetic flair!