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Our Curriculum Vision

To achieve our mission, Brixington's curriculum is designed to celebrate the school's local context and compliment our children's home experiences. A rich and varied diet of activities enrich schemes of learning that build pupils' knowledge and skills, sequentially. 


Good citizens are people who show friendship, respect, honesty, endeavour and sportsmanship. These are our chosen values and our basis for praise and reward. 


Learners who achieve their very best enjoy reading and have very secure understanding of English and maths, but are also knowledgeable about other key areas and have skills that are transferable and well-developed.  


In addition, our community have a particular enthusiasm to encourage learners to really contribute to their local community and to celebrate everything that is special about where we live: seafront, countryside and a busy town!  


 Please see Year Group Planning documents below, showing the subject content for this year. Should you require any further information about your child's learning and the curriculum they will be taught, please do not hesitate to contact their class teacher, Unit Leader or the Head of Teaching and Learning.


You can find out more about our curriculum by looking at the overviews for each subject below. You can also submit questions to, which will be answered by our curriculum leaders. 


Relationship, Sex and Health Education at Brixington (after consultation in summer 2021)

Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS - Reception and Nursery) at Brixington

Our Learning Behaviours - we know that we learn best when we show these behaviours