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Supporting Families in the Evenings and Weekends:

Supporting Families in the Evenings and Weekends:  1

Parent Invitation Afternoon - 12/02/2019

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend our Invitation Afternoon. It was fantastic that over 100 parents were able to participate in school activities for the afternoon. Children enjoyed sharing their learning and parents were able to see some of their latest work. 


Afterwards, parents spent time in the hall with Mr Dyer and were able to feedback their views on a range of issues including: 

-Brixington's praise and reward systems and how good behaviour is encouraged

-the school's improvements with regard to current priorities

-home learning

-current support from the First Federation and how it has been targeted for support that fits the individual needs of Brixington


If you would like to share your views on any of the above, then please complete our parent survey at or email the office for Mr Dyer's attention. 


School staff were also consulted after the event, and the school will endeavour to provide similar opportunities every half term in each year group, though times will vary in order to allow as many parents a possible to attend. 

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E-Safety Evening and Parent Forum - Monday December 03 - 18:00

Our next forum will involve feedback from external school reviews, regarding the school's progress towards current targets. 

There will also be a thirty minute session about how to keep children safe online. If you have particular concerns that you would like addressed as part of the session (e.g. texting, instagram, etc) then please let the school know beforehand. 

Parent Forum October 2018


Please see the link below for minutes of our meeting last week. 

If you would like to comment on any of the matters that were under discussion, you can do so by clicking this link: 

School Grounds Need You!

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Parent Forum October 11th 2018 - 6pm

Please keep this date in your diaries so that you can attend our next Parent Forum.

Agenda for the evening:

1. Mr Dyer will update parents and carers on the school's progress towards current priorities and the ongoing support and challenge that it is receiving. 


2. Mr Dyer will outline and clarify recent changes to personnel and how the school is led and organised.


3. Parents will be asked to provide their own views on some specific areas of school improvement, which will contribute to ongoing plans. 

Keeping busy over the summer

It is absolutely essential that children continue reading as much as they can over the summer. The Exmouth library has a brilliant reading challenge available. It is free for all to enter and if children read 6 books in 6 weeks, they qualify for a free trip to Crealy! Find out more at


Children who read and practise their times tables and number skills over the summer, begin the new term with a significant advantage. Research also shows that Snakes and Ladders and similar board games are also brilliant learning opportunities.


If it's fiercely difficult to drag children away from their screens over the summer, then you may find the following websites a useful compromise: Choose two of the times tables that you have been learning recently in school. For each one, click on the times table, then complete all five steps. You may also choose to play some of the games available.

Learn about digital safety and explore the cyber cafe at

Build your own computer games at or practise your computer programming with Star Wars and Minecraft at


Keeping a journal of all you have done over the summer is also a great idea, and is a perfect this to share with the new class in September. 





Update on Priorities - July 2018

Parent Forums - May 2018


Brixington Parent Forum November 2017


Information from Head of Teaching and Learning

Matters arising from last forum. Progress towards issues from the last forum were shared.

Structure of school within First Federation Trust. Mr Dyer explained his role in relation to the distributed leadership structure of the Trust.

Staffing. New staffing arrangements, including TA structure and NQTs were explained.

Behaviour. Behaviours link to the school values was described and it was explained that staff are currently holding meetings regarding the best way to support good behaviour at playtimes, including introducing different zones monitored by specific staff.  


Matters discussed

Home learning opportunities for reading and mathematics, and new programmes used at school (Accelerated Reader and Hegarty Maths).

Home learning opportunities in general.

Break and Lunch provision.



Whole-school actions

  • Clarify for parents the topics that are being taught in class, for example the specific maths objectives for the term or week.
  • Further encourage outdoor learning activities for all pupils, including younger pupils.
  • Explore the expectation of ‘topic homework’ in different year groups – is it purposeful?
  • Recruit volunteers for reading and provide training for how they can best support pupils – for example using phonics.
  • Provide information regarding which times tables children should know in each year group, and how to help them practise.

A number of actions more specific to certain year groups or children were also identified by Mr Dyer after feedback from parents.








Summer Term 2017 Parent Forum 


Friday 26th May  2017



The focus of the Summer Terms Parent Forum was ‘With a new HOTL starting September the following questions were asked and discussed. What are the Foundations of Brixington Academy and 'What should the priorities be for the next academic year from a parental perspective?' There was a real healthy discussion and the following features were raised….


Foundations of the school included;

-Rewards and celebrating achievement

-Stay and play opportunities in the Foundation and Early Years

-Teacher and Parent relationships

-  The school community atmosphere and how the children feel at school

-  Supportive and approachable staff that understand the different range of children and their needs

-  Teaching standards

-  The writing walls

-  Text communicate supports the needs of working parents

-  Sporting events and achievements

-  Uniform and Identity

-  The PTA and its passion and commitment


Priorities for the next academic year;

-  A greater range of musical opportunities -

-  More outdoor learning and access to holiday clubs

-  A greater range of choice on the school menu

-  Better use of home school communication so parents have further warning of events. (Set up a school     Facebook page)

-  How the achievements of the school are celebrated in the wider community (Increase the reputation of the school

-  More traditional activities like sewing, jewellery making and cooking

-  Consistent approaches to behaviour by all teachers and consequences are delivered to a few children that affect the enjoyment of others.



-  Explore setting up a Facebook page from September 2017 to compliment the text message communication and Friday newsletter. Establish stronger links with the local press and share key new events with the media.

-  Review the school behaviour policy and increase teacher supervision at the start, end and over the lunch time period.

-  Review the school curriculum and look and focusing a greater range of musical opportunities for children and traditional activities.


The school has set up a survey monkey style questionnaire that will be going out shortly to compliment these responses to gain a broader range of views of the school.




Spring Term 2016 Parent Forum 


Friday 4th March 2016



I thoroughly enjoyed last weeks Parents Forum which took place following the Brixington Bistro.  A really healthy discussion was held around how the school could improve it’s communication with parents and what were the current strengths. Here is a summary of points raised and discussed.


What would you like to see on the school website? 

1. Current term dates and dates for the next academic year

2. School dinner menu for the half term

3. A full diary that outlines key events for the academic year

4. Whole school and class letters updated

5. Full school uniform list

6. Up to date Club timetable

7. Link to parent pay

8. Curriculum information 


Do you find the Brixington Bulletin informative?

1. Names of those children in the FSU who win the rosette to be included.

2. The photographs are too small and sometimes blurred. Could we receive it electronically?

3. Can be too long and would prefer it sent in an email format. 



What are the strengths of the school’s communication with parents?

1. The Brixington Bulletin provides celebratory information about what it means to be a child      at the school.  Parents like to see what other year groups have been up to.

2. Mr O’Mahony standing on the school gate in the morning welcoming children and  parents. 

3. Topical parent presentations relating to their child’s learning eg. SAT’s updates, how to support your child at home with their reading, phonic workshops.

4. FSU stay and play opportunities allowing you to learn with your child and seeing them in their own environment eg. Marking marking. 


How could the school communicate more effectively with parents?


1.Weekly activity board for each class outlining key events for the week eg. Forest Schools, P.E .

2. Greater notice on events so work commitments can be juggled.

3. Upload presentations made to parents so that these can be seen online if parents are unable to attend.

4. Increased staff presence outside of school in the morning. Perhaps other members of the school leadership team. 

5. Non urgent query email box accessed by the parent representative.

6. Whole school reading logs so parents can see how their child is supported with their reading in school. 


This week I have fed back to the School leadership team and the school office the key points from the meeting.  In the first newsletter after half term I will be including a copy of the topic map for each class and the outline of the weekly timetable that so you will have a clear outline of the children’s learning.  I am currently in discussions with a signs company regarding designs for a class update board. This will need to be waterproof and easily updatable. In the Summer term we will send out a request for e-mail addresses so we can send our newsletters electronically. Reading will be our whole school focus in the next academic year and we will be planning a series of parent briefings on strategies and how we can improve communication and liaison with parents.  


The date of the next for the next Brixington Bistro will be Friday 22nd April 2016 from 9.00am -9.45am.