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Year 2 2020/2021 2A and 2G

We learned about materials and their properties by investigating which materials were best for repairing the surface of our playground.

Spring Term 1: Great Fire of London Learning. We have acted out scenes from the fire, ordered the events, and learnt about pitch and tempo to create effective music with a fire theme.

Making Bread 13.02.19 After learning that the Great Fire of London started in Thomas Farriner's bakery, we made some bread and talked about how the embres in the fire could have caused such a disaster.

Fire Safety experience 11.2.19 With the help of the fire service, We burnt our Tudor houses that we made earlier on this term to see how the fire in the Great Fire of London spread.

Parent Craft Afternoon 10.01.19 Thank you to all of the adults who came in to support their children and others' in creating a Tudor house.

Topic Hook: We spent some time up at the Forest School discussing the senses that we experienced being around fire. Then we created a collage and silhouette based on The Great Fire of London. 08.01.19

Nativity. 11&12.12.18 Well done for all of your hard work learning lines, learning songs and making costumes. You were all fab!!

Year 1/2 Christmas craft afternoon. Thank you to all of those who came along - the children loved it! 7.12.18

2M have been in the garden today, weeding our beds, ready to plant some plants that have been donated to us. 10.10.18

We have been baking cakes! We have learnt where our food comes from and now we are going to use this to help us write some instructions. 09.10.18

PSHE - We were learning the importance and the meaning of the word 'cooperation'. 28.09.18

Occombe Farm 12.09.18 The children had a wonderful time, learning about and feeding the animals, making pizzas and picking their own herbs from the garden. What a wonderful day on the farm!

Welcome to Year 2! 

Mrs Clarke and Miss Morgan are so pleased to see so many smiley faces walking through our classroom doors in the morning.

Please look at this page to see any photos of activities or trips that have been doing. We will keep you posted with all of the exciting things that we have been doing.

We have been making rain sticks as part our Rainforests topic. 20.7.18

Forest School day - we got ArTy! 16.7.18

Paignton Zoo Trip 4.5.18

Curriculum Map. 16.4.18

Summer Spellings 16.4.18

Super Sports Relief Circuits! Well done for all of your efforts and thank-you for your donations. 23.3.18

Our trip to Escot. 14.3.18

Year 1 & 2 Trip to Escot

Parent information RE: learning and end of year assessment. Please come and see us if you ave any questions about this or about your child's learning. 6.2.18

Mini Genius teaching 2M how to use Puppet Pals to make interactive fairy tales. 22.01.18

Year 2 Parent Information Meeting

Planetarium Visit - Year 2 had a fantasic time learning all about the planets in our solar system, day and night and the stars we can see in the night sky.

Year 2 Spelling Journal - Autumn Term

Space - Curriculum Overview