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School Council

Welcome to the School Council's Page!

School councillors are elected by their peers after presenting reasons why they believe they will represent the children well. The children have an assembly where last year's school councillors explain the role and what is involved. 

School Council Meeting March 2021

School Council During Pandemic

Current restrictions make it hard for children to come together as representative councils, to share ideas or make plans of action. Due to the disruption to The 2020 academic year, we have extended our Council Representatives' roles into this academic year, too. 


Currently, the children have been able to support their peers by making videos about our anti-bullying policy and school values, which have been shared in assembly. The have also been working in their classrooms to notice which children have been demonstrating our learning behaviours well.

Reading Ambassadors

For 2020-2021 we have appointed three reading ambassadors from Year 6, whose role is to find, review and share books that they think other children will enjoy. They meet with Mr Dyer once a month and always invite three of their peers to attend, to discuss the new books they have read.


You can see some of their most recent reviews and recommendations on our Facebook page. 

Minutes from School Council Meeting with Mr Dyer - 11/11/2019


Pupils met with their peers, recently, to discuss several matters that would be put to Mr Dyer. 


1. A proposal was heard from two pupils in Year 2: Should school council expand to include KS1 representatives? This was carried with a unanimous vote.

Action: Mrs Cranmer to organise votes for KS1 as soon as possible with support of the School Council team.

2. Enrichment opportunities: proposal from year 4 member that every Friday afternoon is an enrichment opportunity. Could there be more opportunities like this. Action: Mr Dyer to discuss this with the teachers in terms of feasibility and how it might work. 

3. School Council agreed that the current uniform fulfils intended purpose and doesn't need consultation/change.

4. Mr Dyer to ensure that children are allowed on the field at lunchtime whenever it is not too wet.

5. Some pupils would like a wider collection of books in library and book boxes: £2000 is being spent on new books, including some donated by PTA. School Council reps will inform their classes that this has happened. 

6. Some classes don’t have much to do at wet play whereas some have lots. Atcion: Each School Councillor to do an audit of what they are able to do at wet play times and share with Mr Dyer.

7. Some of the computers in the lower site aren’t working. The PTA are increasing funding for IT equipment and we would like some of this to be spent on PCs.

9. The council also discussed homework and how it differs in each year group. Mr Dyer will take these opinions with him to Parent Forum this week. 

School Council Produce Anti-Bullying Policy for Children

In the last few weeks before handing over to new councillors, our School Council have finalised their child-friendly anti-bullying policy. It will be distributed to each class and promoted in an assembly during Anti-Bullying Week in November. 


You can see the new policy on the policies section of this website:

2018-2019 School Councillors

Mr Dyer met with our School Council today (January 31st) to discuss changes to our praise and reward systems. This is a result of meetings in every classroom about what we value as rewards. News of adjustments to our Dojo and Students of the Week systems will be sent out very soon!

Current School Council focus

*Gaining opinions from children across the school about areas we need to focus on

Our School Council were elected by their peers after presenting their visions for their school. 

Our School Council

Councillors met with Mr Dyer to discuss what they think are the strengths of the school and the areas for development. Our Year 4 team agreed that the children enjoy engaging lessons and a varied curriculum, but think we can all work harder to keep communal areas like libraries and cloakrooms tidy.
The Council also contributed to the school's new Playtime Rules, holding meetings with their own classes to discuss the successes and areas for improvement. They presented their findings to Mr Dyer, Mrs Cranmer and Ms Russell, and agreed actions.