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Brixington Ethos Team 23-24 - Find out some more information about our ethos team and the challenge we have set for this half-term!

Brixington Ethos Team 23-24

Our Ethos team is made up of Key Stage 2 pupils who work with Miss Wheeler and Mr Dyer to promote our school and Federation values and help ensure our children are doing everything they can to become good citizens.

Ethos Team Meeting 15.03.2022


Our team met with Sophie from Edukid and learned about her recent visit to see Patricia in Uganda. She told us about the amazing impact of solar panels for one of the schools she is supporting, who now have electricity for the first time. 


We also learned that Edukid have employees and volunteers who have been working with the charity since they were at primary school (including one who went to Brixington!) and it was exciting to learn that, by continuing to support Edukid, as well as helping children to attend school, we can also earn the opportunity to visit Uganda and see crocodiles and hippo on the Nile river!


We discussed our recent Ticket to Uganda event and agreed some actions that will ensure the event has a legacy:


  • We will share some ideas for playground games with Patricia via a book made by children.
  • We will make Ugandan dodgeball a playground craze at school and have regular playtimes where we put equipment away and use what Patricia and her friends are able to use (recycled materials). 
  • We will collect some football magazines for Sophie to take to Patricia and her friends in July.
  • Sophie will send us a traditional Acholi song for us to learn in singing assembly.
  • Mr Dyer will use Acholi greetings in assembly...It-ye Nining!


Ethos Team Meeting with Sophie from Edukid – 23/11/2021

The team discussed our school’s values and how they are used to empower us to become good citizens and challenge us to achieve our very best. We talked with Sophie about how this looks in Ugandan schools. For example, in our school we learn about the importance of gender-equality, and not leaving people out on the playground just because they are a boy or a girl. In Uganda, some families don’t believe that girls should go to school, so Edukid help educate communities and provide schooling for girls as well as boys.


We also talked about our fundraising project for the spring term, so that we can support Patricia to continue attending school in Gulu. We will have more information for parents and children about this soon!

Our Uganda Charity Challenge 2020

Christmas Fair Fundraising

After designing, making and organising their own stall for the Christmas Fair, the Ethos Team raised £60 for the Toilet Twinning charity. They were proud of their achievements having learned about the charity at last term's Ethos event. 

Ethos Trust Event – October  21 2019

Last week, our Ethos Team travelled to Sidmouth Primary to work with other school Ethos leads, with a focus on the First Federation Trust’s value of ‘Aspire’. Aspiring means trying your best to achieve your own personal goals. After discussions, they created their own statements to encourage people to aspire, for display around our school.


We also learned that lots of people in Africa don’t have very good toilet facilities and discussed how we might be able to help with some fundraising to support this. We are going to try and run a stall at the Christmas Fair to raise some funds. Keep any eye out for one of the following: toilet-themed treasure hunt, silly toilet games, chicken poo bingo or toilet-twinning with a toilet in another country.