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My child has a runny nose and sore throat. Should (s)he stay at home in case it develops into possible symptoms?

No. As long as they are well enough, children must attend school, unless they have specific COVID-19 symptoms or someone in their household does. 


Will we be informed if there is a case of coronavirus in the school community?

School will only share details of confirmed cases if guided to do so by Public Health England. If there is any need for your child to isolate/not come to school, then you will be informed immediately. 


If I can't get a test for the person with symptoms, what do I do?

Follow this process:

 Access to Covid-19 Testing

  • Individuals should only get tested if they have symptoms of coronavirus as described above.
  • Parents or carers of children attending school or school staff with symptoms of coronavirus should book a test as normal via the government website or by calling 119.
  • If they are unable to book a local testing slot then:
    1. Individuals should complete the appropriate forms by following the links below: 

·   Children under the age of 5: Urgent Referral Form - Under 5's

·   School aged Children (5-18): School Aged Children

·   NHS/Health/Care workers: NHS/Health/Care Professionals

·   All other individuals: Urgent Referral Form - Adults

2. Inform the school that you have not been successful booking a test and they will help you with the next steps. 


My Nursery child only attends some days - does his/her older sibling start at 08.30 on those days only?

You can stick to the same start/finish time each day to make it easier for families and staff - so attend 08.30-15.00 if you have a Nursery sibling. 


Nursery children don't start back straight away - what times should their siblings start in week one?

They can start attending 08.30-15.00 in order to establish their normal routine. 


Do we need a book bag an reading log?

Children will need their reading books, PE kit, water bottle, coat, and sun hat (all named). Homework books and reading records will not be used yet, but if you have an old reading record from last year, you can bring it in for your teacher. 


Will school be able to do school dinners for all the children who need it?

Yes. The kitchen is working at full capacity. Please encourage your child to have school dinners as normal.