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Important info regarding Key Worker provision 06.01.21

The video and letter below describe an urgent challenge we are facing regarding key worker provision. Please watch/read them and do all you can to help. 

Please email or MyEd message us immediately if you are able to withdraw your request for a school place.

Questions asked regarding the video:


Q: What number of key worker places have been taken up by Nursery pupils, as nurseries have been ordered to open fully?

A: Very few places have been taken up by Nursery so far (fewer than in other year groups).


Q: Are we asking parents to provide proof of key worker status?

A: This may become necessary if numbers are too high.


Q: Are parents who are key workers asked to try to rearrange shift patterns or reduce hours in order to need fewer days in school?

A: No. Genuine key workers are entitled to full time provision so that they can keep attending work. 


Q: Can we ask parents to keep their child at home if only one parent is a key worker?

A: The Government have stated that only one parent needs to be a key worker but we encourage parents to keep their child at home if at all possible and we may telephone parents to check this is not possible. 


Q: Is it possible to have home learning up by 6pm the night before to help parents plan?

A: This has been challenging due to the short notice this week and because most staff have been required in school full time. We are meeting as a staff next week to see if this is at all possible in coming weeks. 


Q: Is there a cap on the number of children who are allowed in school at the moment?

A: No. The Government have asked schools to keep numbers in school to a lower and safe level, though it is up to individual schools to assess and make judgements for their own settings. 


Q: Will staff wear face shields in school, or masks, while teaching children?

A: Current guidance is for staff not to wear these while working with children. 


Q: Will we be using Microsoft Teams for families, for free, for remote learning.

A: This is something we may consider in the future but we are trying to provide a mixed diet of activities that reflects families' access to technology.