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Year 3 2020/2021 3B and 3R

3R Easter holiday work. We have challenged ourselves to complete a piece of learning set by others from our class.

Weekly Newsletter Y3- 26.3.21

Weekly Newsletter - yr3 19.03.21

Weekly Newsletter - yr3 12.03.21

Weekly Newsletter - yr 3 04.12.20

Weekly newsletter - y3 20.11.20

Weekly newsletter - y3 13.11.20

Weekly newsletter - y3 16.10.20

Weekly newsletter - y3 9.10.20

Weekly newsletter - y3 2.10.20

Weekly newsletter- y3 25.9.20

Weekly newsletter - yr 3/4 18.9.20

We Miss You!

Art: Learning painting techniques for our 3D clay models.

Reading a good book is like taking a journey...............

Art: Becoming proficient in sculpting techniques!

Geography Gurus! Look how much we have learnt about the UK.

Vocabulary Parade - What word are you?

March 2020 - Jurassic Adventurers! Writing Our Play Scripts!

February 2020 Geography Is Cool! Zooming Into the United Kingdom! Learning to name and locate rivers, mountains and cities using Atlases! !

Spring February 2020 D&T Project-Learning Different Stitches!

February 2020 Design Technology - Learning Stitching and Attaching

Devon Cricket Sessions February 2020 - A Chance to Shine! 😁

Year 3 Wellness Week January 2020 - Learning Resilience

January 2020 Science Themed Day - Investigating Light

Friday 24.1.2020 Inspirational Heroes Day- Charity Fundraiser for Devon Air Ambulance!

January 2020 Design Technology Project Textiles and Sewing

Year 3/4 Big Christmas Read!

November 2019 History Romans! Our Amazing Cross-Curricular Writing about Life In Roman Britain!

October 2019 - History Enrichment Opportunity-Salve Roman Baths

October 2019 - Mad About Maths! Learning to multiply and divide by 3 and 4!

September 2019 Oceania and Earthquakes! Geography: Exploring the Earth's layers and making lava!

September 2019 - Oceania Arts Day - An Aboriginal Art Day with Chris Holland

September 2019 - Geography Focus on a World Culture - An Aboriginal Day with Chris Holland