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Brixington Book Club

Brixington Book Club met for the first time yesterday evening.
Mr Dyer and 3 eager Reading Ambassadors from Year 6 met to discuss some of our recent reads (see below). We also agreed some ways that our ambassadors can help promote a love of reading for all of our children, despite current restrictions...they had lots of ideas!


Our recommendations this week:
The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix is both funny and sad.
Fuzzy Mud is a gross and entertaining book by a classic author.
Scarlett and Ivy is an exciting mystery series.
Frozen in Time is an epic fantasy adventure.
The Bad Luck Lighthouse is full of magic and mystery.
The Life of Riley is silly, hilarious and snotty!
Twins in Trouble is a heart-warming family story
Check Mates is an adventure in learning!


These books are mostly aimed for Key Stage 2 children and we recommend them all!


You can read about other new books in the online magazine books for keeps: